Fjordox Business Support Center Budapest is a multi-functional, global services function for Fjordox in Europe. We empower our markets to be able to focus on growth by improving business efficiency. We make certain they have every tools they need in order to achieve excellence in their daily responsibilities and operations.

Fjordox is a global leader in logging industry through technology design, logging services, transportation, production of different parts of mobile houses, cellulose manufacturing and wood sales. Fjordox innovates new solutions to protect and advance our world and natural environment.

The story of Fjordox began in 1907 when Anders Anderson founded the company. In the beginning it was a small firm operating only in Norway. After 40 years Fjordox expanded and next to the Scandinavian countries it has started to operate in Greenland, Canada and Latin-America.

The increasing climate change made Fjordox to put more emphasis on renewable energy sources and natural resources. Since 2000 the main goal of the company is to protect and save our environment while running a sustainable business.

Our values:


We are passionate to protect our environment and to work safety.


We create innovative solutions and shape ideas into value.


We value and trust each other.


We believe that together we can achieve our goals.


We believe that together we can achieve our goals.


We earn the trust of our customers via providing outstanding performance

We take responsibility in preserving our beautiful planet

The Fjordox Group aims to use efficiently our resources and enforce effective control of emissions. processes.
We are committed to protect our environment through our advanced technologies.
We are proud of planting as many trees as we cut during production processes.
We continuously working new innovative methods in recycled wood production.
We also provide opportunity to our colleagues to come to work by bike and we are a dog-friendly workplace.

Professional Areas:

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Life at Fjordox:

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