Life at Fjordox


We don’t do work-life balance, we do life. And we need to give each other time and space to grow, to be ourselves, and to experience Fjordox’s diversity. That’s why we are not interested in fancy titles or degrees, but we hire you for your skills, energy and attitude. We believe that together with your passion and our care everything is possible.


We never lose sight on what are the priorities in life. And life is as much about relaxation and celebration, family time as work. We keep our doors and hearts open to hear you, and we listen to the communities around us. We understand that everyone is different, but mainly the same. Indeed, we treat everybody the same way we would like to be treated.


We let you co-create your natural environment and start you day as you wish whether that means that you come to work jogging, biking or walking your dog. We pay attention to your biorhythm, what colors make you feel energized in a team that makes you reach the stars. We are concerned global citizens of this planet. We respect nature as much as we respect you, so you can be sure that we always give back at least as much as we take.

Pictures of us

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